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    2019-07-22 17:45




      Text 1

      The decision of the New York philharmonic to hire Alan Gilbert as its next music director has been the talk of the classical-music world ever since the sudden announcement of his appointment in 2009. For the most part, the response has been favorable, to say the least “Hooray! A t last!” wrote Anthony Tommasini, a sober-sided classical-music critic

      One of the reason why the appiontment came as such a surprise, however, is that Gilber is commparatively little known Even Tommasini, who had advocated Gilbert’s appointment in the Times, calls him “an unpretentious musician with no air of the formidable conductor about him.”As a description of the next music director of an orchestra that has hitherto been led by musicians like Gustav Mahler and Pierre Boulez, that semms likely to have struck at least some Times readers as faint prwise

      For my part, I have no idea whether Gilbert is a great conductor or even a good one. To be sure, be performs an impressive variety of interesting composition, but it is not necessary for me to visit Avery Fisher Hall, or anywhere else, to hear interesting orchestral music. All I have to do is to go to my CD shelf, or boot up my computer amd download still more recorded music form iTumes

      Devoted concertgoers who reply that recording are no substitute for live performance are missing the point. For the time, attention, and money of the art-loving public, classical instrumentalists must compete not only with opera houses, dance troupes , theeater companies, and museums, but also with the recorsed performances of the great classical musicians of the 20th century. There recording are cheap, available everwhere, and very often much higher in artistic quality than today’s choosing. The widespread availabilyty of such recording has thus brought about a ctisis in the institution of the traditional classical councert

      One possible reponse is for classical performers to program attravtive new music that is not yet available on recors. Gilbert’s own interest in new music has been widely noted: Alex Ross , a classical-music critic, has described him as a man who is capable of turning the Phiharmonic into “a markedly different, more vibrant organization” But what will be the nature of that difference? Merely, expanding the orchestra’s repertorre will not be enough. If Gilbert and thr Philharmonic are to succeed, they must first change the relationship between America’a olderest orchestra and the new audience it hops to attract.

      21.We learn from Para 1 that Gilbert’s appointment has_________

      [A]incured criticism

      [B]raised suspicion

      [C]raceived acclaim

      [D]around curiousity

      22.Tommasini regards Gilbert as an artist who is _________





      23. The author believes that the devoted concertgoers _________

      [A]ignore the expense of live performance

      [B]reject most kinds of recorded performance

      [C]exaggerate the variety of live performanc

      [D]overestimate the variety of live performance

      24.According to the text, which of the following is true of recordings?

      [A]They are often interror to live concerts in quality

      [B]They are easily accessible to the genral public

      [C]They help improve the quality of music

      [D]They have only convered masterpieces

      25.Regarding Gilbert’s role in revitalixing the Philharmonic, the authir feels_________










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